Is there a Fire Suppression System that causes less water damage than traditional sprinkler systems? Active Fire Safety Solutions prides itself on bringing their clients the newest cutting edge technologies for fire safety. Our newest fire suppression technology from Plumis allows you to achieve the same performance of a traditional sprinkler system, while using 90% less water. Read more below to find out how!

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Overview of Automatic Water Misting Fire Suppression Systems

The Traditional Sprinkler System

Traditionally automatic water sprinklers have been provided and specified to cover certain sized fire risks within the UK, both for commercial and domestic premises. They are referred to in Building Regulations and initially set the standards within the UK fire industry and across the globe. These systems are very efficient and are automatic in operation, being activated when the temperature in a room containing a fire exceeds a set degree rise which causes glass bulbs situated in the sprinkler head to break thus allowing the water to flow and extinguish any fire.

The Problem: Sprinklers Cause a lot Of Water Damage even if it is a Small Fire. 

Sprinkler heads are sited at ceiling level and have to be connected to a water supply via pipework and also require alternative tank supply in case of a mains failure. The problem with sprinklers is that they use far too much water and can cause a lot of water damage should they be activated; in addition, they tend to blanket cover a risk so water can go everywhere when the glass bulb breaks.

The Solution: Water Misting Fire Suppression Systems

In recent years there has emerged an alternative suppression system option for domestic use in a private dwelling, and residential blocks of apartments etc. In addition, although building regulations do not specify the water misting system for commercial use, there is now case evidence that building control officers are accepting their use as a ‘compensatory feature’, or otherwise known as a ‘trade-off ‘ in the fire safety industry, in certain circumstances where an architect or designer may want to offer their client an open plan apartment (which are trending currently) which under normal circumstances wouldn’t be accepted by either the building control officer or the fire service officer when plans and building regulations are submitted for approval.

The Advantages of the Plumis Automist® Smartscan Fire Suppression System

What is an automatic water misting system and how does this differ from a traditional sprinkler system? The answer is in the location of the water mist system heads being located on the walls rather than on the ceiling, in addition, it uses approximately 5 x less water and doesn’t create anywhere near the water damage a traditional sprinkler system does. There is also no requirement for a secondary water supply, as it fixes directly to the incoming low-pressure water mains. It’s very easy to install only using a pressure pump, valves, pipework and the specially designed heads with the Plumis Aquamist latest Smart Scan System.

The option to use an automatic water misting system in circumstances, such as described above, has on many occasions now been accepted. The water misting system from Plumis, Aquamist® Smart Scan, carries a BS 8458 standard certification and also meets the highest performance standards expected of any fire suppression system. 

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Benefits of the Automist® Automatic Water Misting Fire Suppression System 

Building Control Approvals

Automist® Smartscan is covered by an LABC registered detail, EWS534, allowing rapid local authority building control approval.

Low Water Usage

Automist® Smartscan can be simply installed on a standard domestic water main and doesn’t require a plumbing upgrade or a water tank. Automist® Smartscan uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems—minimising consequential water damage, whilst providing the same performance.

Minimise Disruption

Typically installed in just a few hours with minimal impact to the building—in part due to the use of flexible high-pressure hoses, which do not need to go through the ceiling.

Reliable Activation

Automist® Smartscan Hydra has a robust double knock trigger which uses a combination of smoke, heat, and rate of rise. Therefore, it is not prone to false activations.
Minimising activation damage.

Low Maintenance

Annual tests of the full system operation from detection to activation are quick and simple—usually taking only a few minutes.

Chain of Accountability

Automist® can only be installed by Accredited Resellers who are regularly tested, and audited, ensuring high standards are maintained.

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The AFSS Advantage

Active Fire Safety Solutions has now teamed up with an approved installer of the Plumis Aquamist® Smart Scan system. We are excited to offer another automatic fire suppression system, to our ‘alternative options’ to standard fire safety ‘active’ measures.

We bring the expertise in determining where these systems can be installed and recommended and work closely with both building control, the fire service and the installers to ensure the system is proportionate in cost to the risk level it covers and therefore covers areas of a property in a way that traditional firewalls and doors would not need to be installed, making the premises very cellular or restrictive.

We find that this is one further option for us to consider, when specifying the correct fire safety measures ensuring the building meets all current fire safety standards and codes of practice.

So, if you are looking at an alternative to lots of fire doors and screens or walls, want an open plan look, or have an unusual layout that building control will not approve, or just peace of mind your home is fully covered to suppress any fire that may break out we have the systems and expertise for you. Get in touch day for a free no-obligation quote or just some advice on what can be designed and offered.

We are confident that the price will surprise you, the speed in which the systems are installed with little or no disruption and are fully guaranteed. They meet all the necessary codes of practice and can be used in non – domestic premises as a ‘compensatory feature’ where standard fire safety passive/active measures do not meet with building regulations and fire service approval.

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