We want to make life as simple as possible and to ensure your fire safety measures are current, ‘suitable and sufficient’ and in the process, to offer you the peace of mind that your building occupiers are safe in the event of a fire.

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General Overview of Fire Safety Management

Our fire safety management cover can be planned over one, two or three years. The price you pay is based on a simple formula which takes into account the following:

1. Approximate size of your building in metres square
2. Number of floors including any basements
3. Number of buildings
4. Number of staff
5. Occupancy type i.e. residential care, hotel, office etc.
6. Approximate age of your building

Once this information is supplied by you we will give you a quotation on our monthly subscription service models of:

Gold Premium service cover

Silver Premium service cover

Bronze Premium service cover

Fire Safety Management Premium Services

As can be seen from the Premium Services below, these include a number of consultancy hours, to deal with either general enquiries and professional advice, or possible legal cases involving the fire service, building control requirements, or plan examinations for new builds, including major alterations to existing buildings, where a fire safety provision and fire strategy document is required.

Smart solutions guaranteed to save you time, money and reduce liability.

Bronze Premium Service Cover
Basic management fire safety plan:
Includes full evaluation of current provisions and assessment of cost in proportion to risk.
Fire risk assessment inspection and report.
Advice and follow up meeting over report findings and how to manage these findings.
2 hours per month fire safety consultancy advice.
Emergency fire evacuation plan preparation and advice.
Silver Premium Service Cover
Standard management fire safety plan:
All of the the bronze ‘basic’ plan plus:
Production of fire strategy document, detailed report on fire compartmentation requirements to meet the buildings fire strategy.
Full fire door survey and report.
Basic fire safety training for staff 1-2 hours (Annually one course max 10 staff).
Practical fire evacuation drill and report.
Gold Premium Service Cover
Premium management fire safety plan:
All of the bronze ‘basic’ and silver ‘standard’ plus:
Full maintenance for fire alarm system, emergency lighting system, portable extinguishers, all in accordance with the current British Standards BS 5839, BS 5266, BS 5306.
8 hours per month consultancy, representation in any legal claim either defending or prosecuting (extra charge for court cases to be applied).
Representation at any meetings with the fire and rescue service max 2 hours – expenses extra charge.
Expert witness facility (extra charge for this service) expenses extra charge.
Plans examination for building control and fire service approval for new builds and major alterations (8 hours per month allowed).
Fire warden training one session twice yearly 3-4 hours (max 15 per course).
Annual review of all provisions and progress report on fire risk assessment action plan findings.
Audit of previous FR assessment.

Important Factors To Consider

  1. Provide us with your current annual fire safety costs and if we are instructed to take over these provisions, we not only guarantee to save you on your annual spend within the first 12 months, but if you are not entirely satisfied with our services you can cancel your agreement at the end of the first six month period with no further cost.
  2. We will work closely with you to help a smooth transition of these services. If you are in an agreement with a current service provider we can even help stage this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Safety Management

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Is there a requirement for me to have a fire risk assessment carried out at my premises every year?

No, the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 doesn’t give a time frame but explains that if the building layout or the working practices change then the assessment must be reviewed. If in doubt review the assessment or take professional advice if you are unsure.

Does every building need a fire risk assessment?

The majority of buildings in the UK require a fire risk assessment. If people are employed to work there, or members of the public visits, then a fire risk assessment must be carried out. If 5 or more are employed then the assessment must be documented.

Can anyone conduct a fire risk assessment?

Yes, provided they are ‘competent’ as defined in the RRO, which states ‘competency is gained through training, knowledge and experience’. If in doubt, consult an expert fire risk assessor with credible qualifications and as important experience in your particular sector.

Who would check to see if I have a fire risk assessment?

The fire and rescue service are the policing authority when it comes to fire safety in the UK.

Once I have a fire risk assessment carried out and I get the report, is that the last of my responsibilities?

No, you must also act on the ‘significant findings’ within the report. There should be an ‘action plan’ laid out for you to follow in risk rating priority order i.e. highest risks to be address first.

Does my building require fire doors?

The majority of buildings in the UK do require fire doors, but there are rules to follow and using someone with experience, knowledge and training, can save you a lot of money and time, especially if your building is single storey, as there may not be a requirement for fire doors if travel distances can be met.

What piece of legislation covers fire safety in the UK?

The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005.

How do I know whether my building meets current fire safety standards?

There are guides issued by HM Government across a range of sector types, but if in doubt always seek professional advice.