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Fire doors should only be sourced from an approved 3rd Party accredited manufacturer, pre-fabricator or a supplier, who sells certified products under the BWF scheme.

Fire Doors
Fire Doors


There are a variety of fire door cores/blanks on the market and depending on the location, style and finish of the fire doors you require, will depend on the type of core you are recommended by our experts.

Unless you work in the fire door industry, you wouldn’t necessarily know the difference, but there are important things that should be considered when selecting a particular style and finish, not only cost. If the replacement door and or frame are on a busy thoroughfare for example, then a solid timber core door will be recommended. If the fire door needs to be wiped clean regularly, we would then recommend a laminate finish.
Another key factor to consider is ‘how urgent is delivery’, as door manufacturers can have long lead times, depending on your choice of style, finish and colour etc.

Premier fire doors have one of the quickest delivery times within the fire door industry, as we work with numerous suppliers on a regular basis and receive preferential treatment on a number of occasions.

Every fire door installed, should have recognition labelling at the head of the door to confirm it is ‘certified’ or a coloured plug and both fire officers and building control officers will usually insist on this being available for inspection.

Please consider when deciding on your fire doors that it’s not just about costs, it’s about getting ‘best advice’ from the experts and ensuring that your doors will be ‘fit for your purpose’, and that they will last for years and not months. There are very cheap fire doors on the market that just don’t last, and you will find it a false economy, with also a possible danger to life, at the end of the day you will get what you pay for in quality, service and reliability.

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There will be a sticker or label at the head of the door, or it will state that these doors are certified on your bill if you have purchased new ones. You can also check out your supplier by visiting their web site to ascertain if they are registered and certified.

Very difficult, but tap the door, does it sound solid, check its thickness, a fire door will either be 44mm thick for FD30 minute fire rating, or 54mm for FD60 minute rating? Also, all current fire door standards have combined heat and cold smoke seals in the edge of the door or around the frame. There should be intumescent pads behind the hinges, but it will be difficult to ascertain this unless you lift a hinge plate to check. Is there signage to say it’s a fire door, does it have a self-closer? These are just a few pointers, but another important factor is, is the gapping between the door and frame a maximum of 3-4mm and 10mm at its base?

Dedicated Customer Teams & Professional Services

Be smart, be safe and contact us today for free impartial advice from the experts.

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