Your Buildings Fire Strategy.

This is one element of a buildings fire safety that gets overlooked.

The fire strategy of a building will be determined by the fire risk assessor or fire engineer and covers the principles of how a building operates under the condition of fire, using knowledge, experience, training and takes references from government guidance documents and codes of practices, including tables on maximum travel distances, identifying ignition sources use of the building, the fire risk assessment report, emergency fire evacuation plan, amongst other important factors.

It is a critical document which brings together a number of factors in determining how your building operates in a fire situation. When the fire strategy is commissioned it will take into account the existing arrangements on the buildings structure, whether in a high rise block there will be a 'stay put' policy or in residential and nursing care home a policy of phased horizontal evacuation (PHE). The fire risk assessment report will also be considered and depending on the occupancy the size of any fire compartment.

Smoke control, ventilation systems, and occupancy capacities, will also be considered. The smoke control may also require 'smoke calculations' by an independent fire engineer, such as in Atrium areas of shopping Malls etc.

The key to a robust and sound fire strategy, is to consider all the information above and then compile a detailed document, encompassing these elements. Once the fire strategy document has been completed, your site specific fire emergency evacuation plan can then be prepared and finally practiced by the buildings occupiers, on a regular basis as required by The Fire Safety Order.

Fire Strategies
Fire Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Ideally yes, as this will determine amongst other things the fire procedures to follow such as a continuous evacuation, or a ‘stay put’ policy. All being determined by the occupancy type and whether there are independent, dependent or highly dependent residents.

Ultimately the nominated ‘responsible person’ under the fire safety order, but usually this person instructs a competent person to provide this as there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. Usually your fire risk assessor will provide a fire strategy document if you instruct them and they are competent.

In its simplest terms, it is a document which explains in detail how your building operates under the condition of fire.

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