Fire Door Inspections

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Regular fire door inspections are a legal requirement under the fire safety order and Fire Safety Act 2021. They should be carried out on a minimum 6 monthly basis according to BS 9999. The person carrying out the inspection should be ‘competent’ and ideally should carry a 3rd Party accreditation such as FIRAS, BSI or BM Trada. This will ensure there is a common standard and that the assessors have in depth knowledge from this training and supervision of standards. It will also ensure that regular up dates are received whenever there is a change in standards or technical information or advice from Manufacturers.

Fire Door Inspections
Fire Door Inspections


During any inspections it should be determined if the fire doors within your premises are ‘suitable and sufficient’, if they require any maintenance to ensure they are working correctly, or whether in fact, they meet current fire and smoke stopping standards. 

Every fire door should undergo at least the check below:

  • Gapping between the door and frame max 3-4mm,
  • Suitability of seals
  • Intumescent hinge pad behind all hinge plates
  • Is the correct signage present
  • Correctly fitted fire-certified door furniture
  • Does the door close fully onto its rebates?
  • If glazing is present is it correctly and securly installed
  • Has the door any identifying certification marks or labels
  • If a double set, do the doors close together without any twisting at the base or head 

This is not an exhaustive list and there are more elements to consider, but if your assessor is ‘competent’ and qualified, not only will they give you best advice, but the more experienced assessors will also advise you on which doors in your premises actually need to be fire doors and which do not, rather than assessing all of your doors. This can only be done by a person who knows the building’s fire strategy, emergency evacuation plan and who has seen your fire risk assessment.

All fire door inspections should be documented and easily referenced by the fire and rescue services or your fire risk assessor if the need arises.

At Premier Fire Doors we pride ourselves on our many years’ experience carrying out fire door inspections, providing quotes, and arranging installation by highly competent and experienced installers. We ‘sign off’ every installation before we issue a completion certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Yes, all doors and frames we sell meet the British standard.

Yes, all our fire doors come with a minimum 12 month guarantee, and if we install the doors the installation is also guaranteed for 12 months.

Yes, all our fitters are highly skilled, have many years of experience and are fully qualified. We also independently ‘sign off’ every job once completed by an independant assessor.

‘Fire door inspection scheme diploma (FDIS (Dip) issued by ‘certifier’ part of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF).

Dedicated Customer Teams & Professional Services

Be smart, be safe and contact us today for free impartial advice from the experts.

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